Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District

501 North Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509-1233
845 279-9229


John Klosowski Chairman
A. Gerald Schramek Co-Chairman
Kenneth Clair, Jr
Martin P. Miller
George Durmer

Moe DeSantis - Secretary
Don Goodwin - Treasurer


Blank Voucher
Designation of Beneficiary form
Tax Exemption Information
Non-collusive Bidding

Request for Proposals

For payment for services/equipment, a completed Payment Voucher must be submitted with invoice to

District Policies

Sexual Harassment Policy

Incident Report Request

Incident Report requests should be addressed and mailed or emailed to:
Brewster Southeast Joint Fire District
501 North Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509
Attention: A. Gerald Schramek

Attention: A. Gerald Schramek

HIPAA Request forms must name "Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District"

(Requests naming "Brewster Fire Department" will not be accepted.)

The request should include:

  1. check payable to the Brewster Southeast Joint Fire District in the amount of $5.00
  2. a self addressed stamped envelope
  3. name of the interested party and the reason for the request
  4. date and approximate time of the incident
  5. place incident occurred
  6. signature of the patient or homeowner
  7. HIPAA form as applicable